Case Studies

The integration of creative and media has helped spur award-winning and results-driving campaigns for our clients. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the work.

Mobile App Install Case Study

Curious World App Install Campaign

Digital-savvy millennial moms have powerful reactions to social media images of children the same age as their own. Learn how we used this insight to let the kids do the talking and drive installs of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s first major early learning app.

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Lead Generation Case Study

ERA Lead Generation

This real estate lead generation case study demonstrates how Beeby Clark+Meyler grew lead generation and brand awareness for ERA in a crowded real estate market by employing dynamic ad retargeting, customized display, and the right media partnerships.

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Mobile App Launch

Marriott Mobile App Launch

This multiple award-winning mobile app launch case study shows how Beeby Clark+Meyler helped launch the Marriott Mobile App and drive app downloads in a highly competitive travel marketing environment by employing paid, owned, and earned media assets across a wide variety of consumer touch points.

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Product Launch Case Study

Beaute de Maman New Product Launch

This product launch case study shows how Beeby Clark+Meyler successfully launched a new product line into the very crowded beauty and pregnancy markets.

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Mobile Couponing Case Study

Music & Arts Mobile Couponing

This case study shows how Beeby Clark+Meyler promoted holiday discount offers to local audiences who were in the vicinity of Music & Arts store locations. The hyper local mobile ads drove engagement, sales, and foot traffic.

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Social Contest Promotion Case Study

Greyson Chance Social Media Contest

This Social Media Contest case study shows how Beeby Clark+Meyler found a compelling “social” way to make the Music & Arts brand relevant to young musicians. The Greyson Chance Social Media Contest Promotion was a video contest on Facebook developed to acquire fans and build engagement amongst the target demographic.

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Ad Retargeting Case Study

KinderCare Display Ad Retargeting

This case study shows how Beeby Clark+Meyler helped KinderCare make their display advertising campaign more effective by using personally relevant messaging combined with site behavior retargeting data.

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Mobile App Case Study

PALM Beer Finder App

This case study showcases the PALM Beer Finder App, a mobile application developed by Beeby Clark+Meyler that helps consumers find easy-to-love but hard-to-find PALM beer in stores, bars and restaurants.

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Video Seeding

GE Video Distribution Strategy

This case study shows how Beeby Clark+Meyler implemented a successful video distribution strategy with unconventional video seeding methods in order to drive the audience to share the content socially.

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Paid Search Marketing Case Study Paid Search

This paid search case study shows how Beeby Clark+Meyler helped improve its paid search engine marketing efforts by developing a feedback mechanism that allowed keyword optimization in real time based on ROI.

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800# Call Tracking Case Study

Costa Cruise Lines Call Tracking

This case study shows how Beeby Clark+Meyler helped Costa Cruise Lines improve brand awareness with a paid search campaign that targeted top markets, helped drive online leads, and increased bookings.

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Live Internal Communication Platform Case Study

GE Live Internal Communication Platform

This case study shows how Beeby Clark+Meyler engaged GE employees with live communication from senior leaders while soliciting their feedback in real time.

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Live Investor Communication Platform

GE Live Investor Communication Platform

This case study shows how Beeby Clark+Meyler created a live, real time communication platform to help GE communicate its story in a better way than a simple earnings call.

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Live Video Streaming Case Study

GE Live HealthAhead

This case study shows how Beeby Clark+Meyler helped GE create an effective communication platform to showcase & celebrate the global HealthAhead initiative across various regions.

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Native Advertising Case Study

GE Sharing Healthy Ideas

This case study shows how Beeby Clark+Meyler helped reposition the GE brand within the consumer healthcare environment by developing an integrated and interactive marketing concept that took over share functions on major websites.

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Social Sharing Case Study

Umpqua Bank Social Sharing

This case study showcases two social promotions for Umpqua Bank that were developed by Beeby Clark+Meyler. The Facebook campaigns focused on social sharing to attract attention to Umpqua Bank’s charitable actions, generate interaction (likes, shares, comments) and grow the Facebook fan base.

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