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This paid search case study shows how Beeby Clark+Meyler helped improve its paid search engine marketing efforts by developing a feedback mechanism that allowed keyword optimization in real time based on ROI.



  • Find a way to measure sales data granularly to help build an effective keyword bidding strategy
  • Show ticket inventory at varying price points, depending on show and seat selections, using a fixed Cost Per Sale lead to inefficiency and missed opportunities
  • Develop a feedback mechanism to allow to optimize each keyword independently – in real-time



  • Leveraging our search engine marketing platform technology, BCM started a keyword bidding strategy based on individual keyword level results – not a group average target
  • com passed back real-time revenue numbers for each sales transaction. All PPC campaigns would now be run with a Return on Ad Spend target as opposed to a flat Cost Per Sale target
  • The keyword bidding strategy was now based on actual real-time return, as opposed to a campaign average, which was not always an accurate target at the keyword level



  • com enjoyed greater insight into not only the quantity of sales, but also the quality
  • Keywords were identified that consistently produced higher average order values
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