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Tom Beeby, Michael Clark, Stuart Meyler, Partners for BCMEmerging from backgrounds in Promotion, Catalogue and Database Marketing, and New Product Development, Tom Beeby, Michael Clark, and Stuart Meyler found themselves face-to-face at the same digital advertising agency over 20 years ago. That agency was Modem Media. Over the course of the next decade we shared there together, Modem Media became a pioneer in digital media and the third largest digital agency in the world, with just under 2000 employees.


We worked side-by-side on some of the digital industry’s largest accounts at the time, each rising to the top of our respective disciplines in Creative, Account/Strategy, and Media services. After a series of mergers and acquisitions had taken place at Modem Media, we felt that the time had come for a more integrated, agile, and strategic agency approach.


We bet our future on 3 things:


  • Marketers would continue to receive biased and outdated advice tied to agency business models when it should be tied to the evolving business needs of their brands.
  • There would be a distinct advantage for brands that leveraged an agency that combined data intelligence, media, and creative in one place.
  • The new media environment would evolve ad infinitum, and the winners would be those whose ongoing philosophy was adaptation.


Turned out it was a pretty good bet. And it still is.

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