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Tom Beeby, Michael Clark, Stuart Meyler, Partners for BCM
BCM, formed in January 2005, emerged out of the digital industry’s early M&A activity between digital media pioneers Modem Media and Digitas. We felt that the time had come for a more performance-driven, integrated, agile, and strategic agency approach that offered an alternative to the holding company model, for both clients and team members.
We bet our future on 3 things:

  • Marketers would continue to receive biased and outdated advice tied to agency business models when it should be tied to the evolving business needs of their brands.
  • There would be a distinct advantage for advertisers that moved to take ownership of their data and invested in developing proprietary audience segmentation.
  • The new media environment would evolve to favor those advertisers that could best apply Machine Learning, AI and Automation techniques to extract more yield and learning from their marketing investments.
  • Turned out it was a pretty good bet.



We specialize in Audience Planning. We have evolved away from Media Planning for the simple reason that media planning no longer provides competitive separation or advantage. We spend our time building your proprietary Audiences: who are they and how can we reach them with the most relevant messages and content?
We insist that our clients own their data. When the client owns the data, they have a powerful and portable strategic asset that can’t be replicated by competitors. BCM will help you understand how to organize, own and leverage this most precious asset to the fullest extent.
We do not believe in proprietary agency technology. We let the marketplace incubate the best mar-tech solutions to support our clients’ business objectives, and then we bring the best-in-class to our clients. This has been proven to be a superior approach. Let us show you why Silicon Valley beats Madison Avenue every time.
We provide Marketing Cloud activation, execution, and measurement all in one place. We provide audience definition, journey mapping, creative concepting and campaign development, and reporting. Total synchronicity.
Finally, Marketing Cloud technology is the single most powerful advertising tool there is for advertisers seeking more scale and productivity from their marketing investments. Our focus as an agency is on increasing awareness and sales at a lower cost through the machine learning and A.I. aspects of Marketing Cloud technologies – and we use our client’s data as the fuel to get there.
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