Mobile App Download Case Study: Integrated Advertising Campaign Drives New User Acquisition

Global learning company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt was launching Curious World, an amazing children’s learning app. To tell the world about its launch, we crafted a campaign that cut through the clutter, captivating digital-savvy millennial moms.


Research showed moms have a strong emotional reaction to images of kids who look like their own, so we developed a 360º campaign that featured charming kids in playful ways. Our campaign’s “Playful Learning” spirit strategically reached moms everywhere from social platforms like Facebook and YouTube, to national TV and even Times Square. Leveraging mom-focused online publishers’ CRM data, as well as partnering with mom-relevant influencers took our campaign’s reach even further. Mom’s attention was also cleverly captured through national TV spots aired just when she was sitting down to enjoy shows with her children.


The memorable content, combined with behavioral insights and a focused media strategy, put our app in the Top 10 Free Apps for Kids, making learning more fun than ever.


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