Mobile Couponing Case Study

Digital coupons for users nearby the Music & Arts store locations during the holiday

This case study shows how Beeby Clark+Meyler promoted holiday discount offers to local audiences who were in the vicinity of Music & Arts store locations. The hyper local mobile ads drove engagement, sales, and foot traffic.





  • Support the opening of new retail locations across the country in advance of the critical holiday season
  • Target 30+ store locations nationwide




  • Target consumers on their smartphones with hyper-local ads containing discount coupon messaging from Music & Arts.
  • Target limited zip codes and towns surrounding (30) Music & Arts stores located in shopping center environments.
  • Serve the targeted mobile ads on key holiday shopping days/weekends
  • Users who engaged the hyper-local mobile ads were taken to a mobile landing page containing shareable coupons.
  • The coupons could be saved to the user’s image gallery or shared via email.




  • Massive & Efficient Reach: Over 6 MM hyper-local views of the mobile ad with minimal media investment due to the highly targeted nature of the ad.
  • Mobile Ad Interaction: 13K users engaged with the hyper local ad.
  • Mobile Coupon Engagement: 6% of users who clicked on the ad engaged (saved to phone or shared by email)
  • Mobile Coupon Redemption: 4% of the users who engaged with the mobile coupon drove online & offline sales for the brand as well as in-store foot traffic.
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