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On Our Radar: Spatial Photography App Fyuse

ljosephWith so many new, exciting companies entering the digital advertising scene every day, it’s hard to keep track. That’s why we’ve created “On Our Radar,” a recurring column that highlights a company we’re watching, what it does, and why it should be on your radar, too.

Who are we talking about?

Spatial photography app Fyuse.

What is so unique about them?

Fyuse allows consumers to capture and share interactive visuals of their favorite life moments. According to Fyusion Inc., the company behind Fyuse, the app lets you take immersive selfies and dynamic panoramas, and capture full 360-degree views of the things that matter to you. To make it work, users move their phone around during capture, and viewers can explore the 3-D photo by tilting their phone in their hands.

Fyuse photos can be uploaded to a personal gallery or the Fyuse social network. If that wasn’t enough, Fyuse photo can also be integrated into Facebook and Twitter, which makes it easily shareable with your friends. The app also includes filters.

Why should you care?

The images captured by Fyuse exist in a unique middle ground between photos, which often provide a single dimensional story, and videos, which require a greater level of effort from the content creator.

Brands can engage with consumers through the app by letting them interact with a story from various angles. For example, imagine an auto brand that lets you create 360-degree views of their newest model while on a road trip across the country.

Who is their competition?

The app has direct competition from similar 3-D photography apps, such as Seene and 123D Catch, which have similar product offerings in terms of creating 3-D visuals of objects and environments, but have yet to gain widespread adoption among consumers similar to what Instagram did for mobile photos a few years ago.

What does their future look like?

Fyuse’s integration with popular social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter could pave the way for its photos to become the defacto standard for interactive photos on social networks. GIFs might eventually give way to Fyuse images as the popular form of media shared on social networks. The app, its technology and team could very well be an acquisition target for one of the social networks or even Apple or Google themselves to add on to boost their camera app features.

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