SEO and Copywriters: Working Together Works

In Part One, Erin Mitchell, copywriter at BCM, talked about how SEO experts and Copywriters can work together to maximize content value and increase brand visibility within the target audiences. In Part Two, Ron Taylor, SEO Analyst at BCM, dove deeper into the SEO process and the three components that are essential to it; research, structure and strategy. This important partnership of copy and SEO working together has brought forth real, measurable results.

For example, through keyword and competitive research, Ron was able to identify that one of our client’s pages was not ranking as high as it should. He worked directly with the copy team to optimize the landing page for both keyword and structure, following SEO best practices.

After re-launch, the site saw an immediate lift in traffic due to the SEO optimization, and has since seen a traffic increase of 115% YoY, with 27,000 sessions per month on average. Conservative estimates of the paid media cost of the free organic traffic is $23,000 monthly.

Sounds impressive, right? And it is. These kind of results are achievable for your brand too. We’ve outlined some steps to improve your own process below.

How To Improve Your Own Process

  1. Think About the Big Picture: Keyword research is a powerful way to begin any successfully SEO optimized copy. Before you kick off a project, you need to ensure that your SEO and copy teams are looped in and aligned on the project. Otherwise, there may be significant modifications needed to both form and content throughout the project; a big inefficiency for both SEO and copywriters.
  2. Research, Structure, Strategy: When writing copy for the web, SEO needs to be a consideration at every step of content production in order to maximize the organic reach to an audience. We’ve grouped these considerations into 3 categories; research, structure and strategy. Read more about them here
  3. Make Your Content STAND OUT: In order to make your brand more visible, ensure that each page targets a specific keyword or topic. That’s where SEO research can help inform copywriting and ensure that other pages on the site are not targeting that same topic—maximizing ranking potential.
  4. Don’t Over-Optimize: Using keywords in a strategic manner can boost organic reach—but when you overdo it, google will actually penalize your content. Avoid keyword stuffing and craft your language in a useful and informative manner that stays on-brand and feels authentic to your consumer.

While on the path to purchase, it’s imperative that you speak to your audience using the words and terms that they use. Not only is it good for search engines to find your content and serve it to the right consumer, it also helps relate to your audience once they land there. By choosing words that resonate with the people you’re trying to reach, we’re better able to able to drive organic traffic and connect with consumers, leading to the thing you want most—increased ROI. Talk about a win-win!

BCM provides award winning strategic SEO services as part of your marketing stack. Let us know how we can help you!


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