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Schick Goes Xtreme With Native Content on The Onion

schick-188_hEt988oBeeby Clark+Meyler is “peeling an onion with a new humorous native content campaign for [Schick] Xtreme3 razors,” writes Karl Greenberg in MediaPost. The effort centers on a long-form video on a Schick-branded page on The Onion that also has satirical faux news articles all about comfort, penned by Onion writers. Called the “Schick Xtreme Comfort Games,” the effort extends the brand’s “Indisposable Comfort” campaign, whose central message is “Your razor is disposable. Your comfort is not.”

BCM has previously worked with The Onion for Schick and other clients to create custom branded content. New work will include more content over the next few months with video created by digital influencers. “One of our philosophies is that when it comes to influencers, the important thing to do is let them express ideas in their own voice if you are going to inject a brand into their environment,” said Tom Beeby, BCM principal and executive creative director. “We are tapping into talent as kind of brand stewards and conceptual leads, and we shepherd the whole thing along around this idea of letting them speak in their voice, and that’s the key,” said Beeby. “You get a content and media buy in one, and as long as you understand the spirit of brand and can be objective, and on message you get results, whether it’s completed views, pre- versus post-studies and things like association of terms with brand and product, and sometimes even tracking to retail.” Read the full story on Marketing Daily.

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