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On Our Radar: UC Mobile Browser

ljosephWho are we talking about?

UC Mobile Browser.

What is so unique about them?

UC Browser  is one of the leading mobile browsers in terms of page views, behind only Chrome, Safari and Android. They have also recently joined the popularity ranks of apps such as SnapChat, WeChat and Facebook, with over 100 million daily active users. Like other browsers, UC allows users to create bookmarks, but it also easily creates app icons that provide shortcuts to your favorite publisher sites, thereby avoiding the need to have too many apps on your phone taking up valuable memory.  The browser also supports multi-tab browsing, a built-in QR code reader, and  page sync across multiple devices, to name a few key features.

Why should you care?

The browser owns significant market share in key Asian markets such as India and Pakistan, in addition to its primary market, China.  If you are creating a mobile-optimized site to serve these markets, be sure to test and optimize your site not just on Chrome and Safari, but also in UC Browser.

Who is their Competition?

Chrome, Safari and Android Browser  are ahead of UC in terms of page views.

What does their future look like?

UC’s integrations with partners such as Facebook (with which it teamed up to show site notifications directly in the browser) are proof enough that they are a force to be reckoned with — especially in international markets.

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Lijo Joseph

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