On Our Radar: Sprinklr

Lijo Joseph, Sr. Director-Performance Media

With so many new, exciting companies entering the digital advertising scene every day, it’s hard to keep track. That’s why we’ve created “On Our Radar,” a recurring column that highlights a company we’re watching, what it does, and why it should be on your radar, too.

Who are we talking about?


What is so unique about them?

Yes, there are multiple platforms in the market to fill several niche areas of social listening, content publishing and paid social ads.  But there isn’t “one ring to rule them all,” or in this case, “one platform to do it all.” Sprinklr lets brands listen to their audience, publish content, amplify messages via paid social ads and track and report on social analytics, all in one platform.

Why should you care?

Listening to your consumer’s social interactions on one platform, engaging them in another platform and tracking all interactions on yet another platform isn’t ideal. But this is what most brands are dealing with today. A platform like Sprinklr could give brands an integrated enterprise-level approach to managing their social marketing efforts. For example, if  someone is complaining on social media about being unable to find a hotel room for the long weekend, a hotel property with unsold rooms in the proximity of her destination could listen for this via sentiment analysis and respond with a timely ad in social media.  

Who is their competition?

Other companies that compete in the space of listening and consumer engagement within social environments, such as Visible Technologies and Synthesio.

What does their future look like?

Given the 24/7 reach of social media, any platform that can help brands listen to customers and engage them in a timely manner is well positioned to succeed in the social space.

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Lijo Joseph

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