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Get to Know a BCM’er: Wilson Garcia

You’ve seen the work, now see the faces behind it. Today’s “Get to Know a BCM’er,” is our special World Cup edition, featuring our resident Brazilian, Wilson Garcia, analyst-search and performance media and new dad. (Could you guess?)

What is your current desktop background?

My son Lucas (photo taken when he was 2 days old). I love this pic. He was staring at me for the first time.


Which song did you listen to last on Spotify?

I don’t use Spotify. I’ve listened to some Brazilian songs on Pandora. The last one was “Mas que nada.”

What is your most frequently visited website?

Lately, WatchESPN.com or Fifa.com

What’s the last photo you took on your phone?

The one up top, taken on June 23. My son was excited about Brazil 4 vs 1 Cameroon. #WorldCup2014!

We’re thrust back into the Stone Age. Which app do you miss the most and why?

I use Google Maps a lot. I don’t know how to manage a regular map for directions. =)

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Wilson Garcia

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