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Get to Know a BCM’er: Tom Beeby

You’ve seen the work, now see the faces behind it. In today’s “Get to Know a BCM’er,” meet Tom Beeby, executive creative director, agency principal and the B in BCM.

What is your current desktop background? 

Pere Borrell del Caso, “Escaping Criticism,” 1874 (above).

Which song did you listen to last on Spotify? 

“Goodbye Daughters of The Revolution,” The Black Crowes. Good old American Rock n’ Roll.

What is your most frequently visited website? 

Facebook. Always looking at what friends are doing, what brands are doing. Always have a few Scrabble games going.

What’s the last photo you took on your phone?

My son Tommy. I am doing a series of his morning hair. Which is spectacular.

We’re thrust back into the Stone Age. Which app do you miss the most and why?

It’s a tie between Scrabble and Yelp. Trying to kill time at night in my Stone Age cave without Scrabble would suck, despite the fact that my vocabulary would likely be severely limited. And God knows finding a good restaurant in the Stone Age would be difficult enough. So, yeah, Scrabble and Yelp.

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Tom Beeby

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