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Get to Know a BCM’er: Katie Gaines

You’ve seen the work, now see the faces behind it. In today’s “Get to Know a BCM’er,” meet Katie Gaines, account executive, social media community manager, and lover of cheetahs and Refinery 29.

What is your current desktop background?

It rotates, but right now it’s an epic shot of a cheetah.

Which song did you listen to last on Spotify? 

“War Zone” by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. It’s super catchy!

What is your most frequently visited website? 

Refinery 29 by far. I love everything they write.

What’s the last photo you took on your phone?

My friend checking out Dan Colen’s “At Least They Died Together” on the polo field at the Brant Foundation.

We’re thrust back into the Stone Age. Which app do you miss the most and why?

Postmates, obviously. How else would I be able to get Milk Bar delivered to my cave in under an hour?

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Katie Gaines

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