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Get to Know a BCM’er: Jill Miklus

Get to Know a BCMer_Jill

You’ve seen the work, now get to know the faces behind it. In today’s Get to Know a BCM’er, meet Jill Miklus, senior director of performance media and self-proclaimed cat lady.

What is your current desktop background? 

A picture I took during a drive through the mountains in Shenandoah Valley, VA.

Which song did you listen to last on Spotify? 

Cat Power – “Real Life.”

What is your most frequently visited website? 

Sadly, Google AdWords.

What’s the last photo you took on your phone?

My cat Zoe – because I’m a cat lady and take more pics of my cat than most people take of their kids.

We’re thrust back into the Stone Age. Which app do you miss the most and why?

Evernote – because I’m disorganized and need my lists!

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Jill Miklus

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