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Get to Know a BCM’er: Janice Cupee


You’ve seen the work, now get to know the faces behind it. In today’s Get to Know a BCM’er, meet Janice Cupee, senior analyst-performance media and the agency’s biggest Shazam fan.

What is your current desktop background? 

A picture of Mickey and Minnie that my daughter drew.

mickey minnie

Which song did you listen to last on Spotify?

 “Broken” by Lifehouse. Only because I Shazamed it and recently added it to my Spotify playlist. When I add a new song to my playlist, I tend to play it over and over.

What is your most frequently visited website? 

Pinterest, hands down! You can find any and everything on there.

What’s the last photo you took on your phone?

A picture of my junk. I’m de-cluttering and have been taking pics of the things I don’t want so I can share them with anyone else who can find use for them. It’s part of my minimalist journey. But that’s not interesting. The next most recent picture on there is one my daughter and I worked on together. She wanted me to help her draw a jungle for show and tell, so we pulled up a picture of jungle animals online and copied them.

We’re thrust back into the Stone Age. Which app do you miss the most and why?

You know, I spent over 2 weeks without a cellphone recently — which made me feel like I was in the Stone Age — and the app I missed the most was actually Shazam. Scott (Sterner, SVP-Search and Performance Media at BCM) introduced me to Shazam a year or two ago and I’m hooked. I don’t follow all the latest music to know who is who, so when I hear something I like, I can quickly Shazam it and find out the name and artist in seconds.

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Janice Cupee

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