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BCM’s Schick Hydro X-Men Challenge Finds Success by Going Mobile-First

Beeby Clark+Meyler’s latest effort for Schick Hydro is challenging male X-Men fans to play a mobile-first trivia game accessed through Facebook as part of a collaboration tied to the new film “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

At the four-week mark, the Challenge was at over 16,000 registered players, with an average of 2.2 plays per user. “We wanted to provide people, X-MEN fans specifically, more than we were asking in return to get them engaged with Schick Hydro’s Challenge campaign,” Rebecca Beacham, account director on Schick Hydro, told Mobile Marketer.

“Though the experience is available across devices, we planned and designed it mobile first to ensure that the game could be played anywhere, anytime,” she added. For the full story, visit Mobile Marketer online.

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