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BCM Boosts Awareness for Marriott With Gmail Ads

Google yesterday announced on its Adwords blog that native Gmail ads will now be available for all advertisers directly in AdWords. The company has been working with advertisers  for several years to use Gmail ads to extend email marketing strategies and test ways to provide more relevant offers to consumers. With the new announcement, advertisers can manage native Gmail ads directly in AdWords by setting up a Display Network campaign and creating a Gmail ads format in the Ad gallery.

Marketers such as Beeby Clark+Meyler client Marriott International are already using Gmail Ads to connect with users looking for compelling offers. Says Marriott Senior Director of Digital Marketing Amy Sherman: “We’ve had a lot of success working with our media agency, Beeby Clark+Meyler, to run Gmail ads and drive awareness for Renaissance Hotels. The larger ad unit allows us to feature videos and imagery that highlight the experience at Renaissance Hotels and our commitment to helping guests discover something new at their destination. We partnered with our creative agency, Anomaly, to embed rich visuals into our ads, and were able to drive great user engagement with 25% longer time spent on site and an 18% increase in pageviews per visit on RenHotels.com. This unit has also delivered ongoing high reach for the Renaissance Hotels brand. Since then, we’ve rolled out Gmail ads to additional Marriott International brand hotels globally and we’re excited to launch them soon for our Autograph Collection Hotels as well.” 

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