Spotlight: We Are Experts at Marketing to Moms

Mom and daughter walking together down a path through a park

Moms control 85% of U.S. household income. They wield over $2.4 trillion in spending power. They spend an average of 3.5 hours online per day, primarily on their phones (which they turn to 10+ times per day!).* And we know how to reach them.


From Baby Care to Feminine care, from Pre-K Education to Family Vacation (and everything in between) – for over a decade, BCM has been perfecting the art and science of marketing to Moms. We are constantly evolving our methods along with the digital landscape, but we have learned a few immutable truths along the way:


  • Understanding a mom’s life stage is critical. Expecting moms, moms with newborns or teens, working moms, single moms, millennial moms – they all have different mindsets, motivations, needs, influences, and media consumption habits. Data provides us with the insights and the roadmap we need to market your brand to just the right moms, at just the right time, with just the right message.
  • Leveraging the right influencer and content partners is an art. There must be a perfect fit between what you want said about your brand, and how a given partner’s audience expects them to say it. We work closely with these partners to deliver your brand’s unique message in someone else’s authentic voice. This is an important consideration for any serious campaign involving moms.
  • Making mom’s life easier while helping her be a better mom – that’s the holy grail. If you can demonstrate empathy for the hardest job in the world, and then present a solution that helps her “mommy like a rock star”…you’ve nailed it.

Here are some examples of how we’ve helped some top brands market to moms:


Programmatic Display Advertising, Ecommerce, Amazon Martketing

The Angelcare Movement Monitor tracks an infant’s breathing using a sensor pad that goes under the mattress. Following its tremendous success in Europe, the brand tapped BCM to refine the positioning, and drive awareness and sales for the U.S. market. The all-digital campaign targeted moms in two different parenting stages: prenatal discovery and prenatal preparation. BCM partnered with BabyCenter, Amazon, and buybuy Baby to target and advertise to moms in specific phases of their pregnancy using third party data — with custom ads designed for each platform.



Search Advertising, Social Media, Display Retargeting, Ecommerce, Video

Stokke is a worldwide leader in ultra-premium children´s furniture, highchairs, strollers, and baby carriers. Successfully introducing this storied Norwegian brand to the U.S. market required highly specialized targeting and creative. BCM’s paid search and digital advertising program used proprietary data insights to identify and target moms who were willing to spend more for the very best, and convinced them to buy in spectacular fashion.



Facebook Advertising, Display Advertising, Print Advertising, In-Store Signage, Website, Ecommerce

BCM was chosen to launch a line of health and beauty botanicals for pregnant and nursing women called Beauté de Maman. After extensive research and focus group testing, we realized that the ideal approach had to lead with the baby’s safety, while acknowledging mom’s own needs as a woman. We created a complete brand identity and positioning around the idea that “It’s safe to feel beautiful.” The campaign helped land Beauté de Maman in CVS stores,, and



Facebook Advertising, Display Advertising, Geo-Targeting, Dynamic Creative

Kindercare is a national day care center offering year-round child care and early childhood education for kids ages 0-12. With thousands of locations and many different program options, the brand needed to find an efficient way to speak effectively to a wide array of user needs. BCM combined site behavioral insights, along with geo-targeting and dynamic display technology to present moms with service offerings from their local Kindercare center that matched their demonstrated interests. A control-exposed study helped inform and optimize the campaign with astonishing results.



App Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Youtube Marketing, National TV, Outdoor Advertising, Social Media


To promote Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Curious World early learning app, BCM tapped into the fact that moms react overwhelmingly to images of kids the same age as their own. We created a campaign featuring pre-k “pitch kids” saying witty things about their joy of learning, and targeted moms with pre-k kids using second party data from Baby Center. Half a million downloads later, Curious World was among the top ten free apps for kids.



Influencer Marketing, Video, Facebook Advertising, Social Media

For this major global sunscreen brand, BCM tapped into the very real pressure moms feel to depict a perfect family life on social media. The social media campaign got down to the truth about what family fun outdoors is really like. The funny realness and self-deprecation of the Mom Influencer videos and brand social media posts created lasting affinity with moms, and impressive sales results.



Influencer Marketing, Video, Facebook Advertising, Social Media

BCM created an influencer program for this major tampon brand, featuring high profile dance and Olympic athletic personalities. The social/video creative work and sophisticated media targeting successfully convinced moms to purchase the product for their daughters in store, where they got a unique giveaway with purchase – filled with goodies to help ease her teen’s period.



Mobile Website Build, Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media

BCM built a mobile-first Baby Pool game for this major international manufacturer of baby products in order to attract the hard to reach gift-giving audience. Here, we displayed the brand’s products and captured data around a 100% gift-giver audience as the friends and family of expecting Moms guessed the due date, weight, and length of an expected baby for fun and prizes. Email and targeted social media ads promoted the game, and the expecting mom was prompted to use her Facebook Friends List to help spread the word.



Influencer Marketing, Video, Facebook Advertising, Social Media

For the launch of a new ultrathin pad product, BCM came up with the idea to have a group of funny influencer Moms take the product for a “Test Dry-ve.” New Moms often experience light bladder leakage after having a baby, so we had the Moms put the pad through its paces to see if it would hold up under real life situations like a kids birthday party, a backyard campout, a workout, and a frolicking moms night out.



BCM has a long and successful track record of marketing to Moms in creative ways, using data to drive our strategies, concepts, media planning, buying and targeting. If you would like to learn more about these projects and chat with us about getting your brand in front of just the right Moms at just the right time, with just the right message, contact BCM today.


U.S. Moms control up to 85% of household income (eMarketer).
U.S. Moms wield $2.4 trillion of spending power (Forbes).
U.S. Moms spend an average of 3.5 hours online everyday (Statista).
U.S. Moms primarily access online from their cellphones (Edison).
Primary Smartphone Moms check FB 10+ times per day (Edison).

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