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Social Media Platform Filters: Snapchat, Facebook, Now Instagram

Summer is around the corner and ‘tis the season for social media newsfeeds everywhere to instill FOMO in the hearts of all. Ok, that may be a bit dramatic, but everyone knows the first thing you do when you hit the beach is roll out your towel take a picture of the blue water and glaring sun so you can show your friends just what they’re missing out on. The real question is – what social media platform will you share it on Instagram? Snapchat? Facebook?

Instagram Launches Filters

Well, your choices may have gotten a little harder because Snapchat’s features have been “cloned” yet again by Instagram. Following the booming popularity of Snapchat, both Instagram and Facebook adopted some of the fun-loving, easy to use aspects of the platform. Instagram and Facebook have recently released a Stories feature. Interestingly enough, Instagram daily Stories users are at 200 million, outnumbering Snapchat’s 166 million daily users, while Facebook Stories was welcomed with a less than stellar reception. To add to the fanfare, Instagram is also testing direct response ads inside their Stories, potentially making it easier for users to purchase goods or download apps from right inside the story.

Coming off of the success of their Stories launch, Instagram just joined Facebook and Snapchat in the world of filters last week, rolling out face filters, hashtags, an eraser tool, Rewind mode, and location stickers. This release is a clear indication that the social media platform is targeting the older millennial audience, attempting to borrow all of the fun of Snapchat with a more artful, mature and, quite frankly, easier user experience. Although there are no plans to offer sponsored Instagram face filters at this time, brands can still interact with their audiences with an organic presence.

While Facebook’s copycat Stories feature is not faring well and largely still unused, I think Instagram will be a different story (no pun intended). The social media platform has already been successful with the Stories feature for a few reasons, mainly because it was an unobtrusive release of the feature and it offers a clean, easy user experience. Let’s face it, Snapchat can be somewhat confusing and non-intuitive for members of the older millennial generation. With the combination of a more mature user experience and its growing Story popularity, my prediction is that Instagram will come out on top in regards to its filter experience. Fingers crossed that they will announce the ability for paid promotion so brands can partake in the fun.

In the meantime, if all of these new features have left you overwhelmed about which social media platform to choose for your own brand content, check out this nifty graphic below which can help give you some guidance on which platforms with filters will benefit your brand:


Which Social Media Platform Filter Function is Best for Your Brand?

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