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Secrets from the AllFacebook Marketing Conference

This past week, Media Bistro held their annual AllFacebook Marketing Conference in San Francisco. The event focused on Facebook and social media marketing, with speakers of various specialties offering insights, research, and advice. BCM Account Director Mariana Rodriguez was there as a panelist speaking on Managing Facebook Burnout, and to hear the latest developments about the industry’s largest social entity. One of the most talked about topics of the day was Unpublished (or “Dark”) Posts. These ad types give advertisers the ability to create posts on a Facebook Business page that fans do not see unless they are included in the targeted audience group. This feature allows advertisers to test variations of content targeted at audience groups of their preference in order to see which posts perform well with the fan base. Below are Mariana’s highlights on dark posts:

  • Just like email marketing, you segment out your fan base and target your message to that particular audience
  • Multivariate testing allows you to post multiple times without clutter on your page as these posts will only be seen on the newsfeed (and are not published to your Page wall)
    • For example, if you are a sneaker company you can target different shoes to different demographics
  • Twice the results for half the price of the price of Promoted or “boosted” Wall Posts
  • Facebook recently released their inclusion as a newsfeed post instead of a right column, or sidebar ad

Additional information on Facebook’s Unpublished Posts:

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