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Why Should Clients Own Their Own Data?

In this video, Michael Clark outlines the risks you take when you fail to define and evolve custom audiences, and why you must own your own data. When you own your data, you can make any brand truly resonate.

Video Transcript

“So, a question I’m asked a lot is, ‘Why is it important for clients to own their own data?’

And if you think about media planning, as it’s structured today, it’s almost like the movie Groundhog Day, where personas are built, and a media plan is constructed. That probably looks an awful lot like the media plan you had last year, and that media plan is put back into circulation, then we do the whole thing over again. The failure there is that clients don’t have the ability to evolve their audiences, and to build proprietary audiences where they can communicate with those audiences in a very specific and relevant way that really makes their brand come alive. And in order to do that and to win, you need platforms and you need tools. You need an Adobe Audience Manager, or you need a Salesforce DMP to really activate these audiences, improve the audiences over time, and really make the client the arbiter and the owner of what the best audience approach is.”

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