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What Is The Impact Of AI on Digital Marketing?

The impact of AI on marketing is becoming more prominent every day. With the relatively complex nature of digital practices like paid search, it’s increasingly important for savvy marketers to find data management solutions. So how is AI changing the future of digital marketing? In this video, BCM Principal Stuart Meyler provides some enlightening insights, along with useful tips on how marketers can leverage artificial intelligence. From crunching data and numbers, to campaign management and other automated services, learn how AI can help you customize, prioritize, and optimize. Because decision-making is no longer a human-scale endeavor.

Video Transcript

“So how does AI or how is AI impacting digital marketing right now, today? And more particularly things like paid search, which represent a big portion of spend on the part for the clients and the industry as a whole when you look at digital marketing.

It’s not surprising that given the amount of spend that’s going into paid search, the relative complexity of managing paid search campaigns with potentially hundreds of thousands (or millions) of keywords, independent bids, different devices, and geographies, (and layering on audience types, etc), that the decision-making framework when you’re talking about that much kind of information coming in is not really a human scale endeavor – and that’s kind of a part of it. I think being able to decision as this data expands, ceases to be kind of human scale. If you try to do it, you will fail. You will not do it as well as the machines.

You have to kind of recognize where your role will be in that, and leave some of that large scale data-crunching and decisioning to some of the machines.

So, that’s one thing it does really well. The other thing it can do really well is help you with a lot of the automated things. If you look at a lot of digital campaign management, or particularly paid search campaign management, there are very often routines.

It’s fairly structured in terms of what you do. And AI, machine learning, automation, and all these closely related cousins tend to be really good at those types of things. They can learn the routine, learn things about the routine that you might not know, and start to implement those things on their own. It doesn’t surprise me that we’ve seen, perhaps, a lot of the impact of AI starting to happen within paid search, an area that is tailor made for it. You have large data, relatively complex decision making, a relatively structured environment, and a structured routine of potential outcomes; that’s really good to be trained on to learn. We’ve seen that to our benefit, and we’re big fans of it.”

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