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How to Create the Perfect Twitter Header Image

This post originally appeared in Mobile Marketing Watch

Twitter is currently rolling out new web profiles. The update includes a new design layout, the ability to pin Tweets, and a customizable large-format header image. Here is a Twitter header image that Beeby Clark + Meyler designed for client Skintimate:


 And here it is placed in the new web profile:


Twitter’s recommended dimensions for the header image are 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels high. However, while the header on the web (desktop) profile might look great, it’s important to note how it is displayed on mobile and tablet.


 As you can see on the tablet version (iPad), the image is cropped more centrally, and the profile image is positioned in the center rather than off to the bottom left corner.


On mobile devices, it is further shrunk down with the profile image covering even more of the header image. Be careful to avoid the bottom 70 pixels, the top 30, and about 70 pixels in the middle. You can see these avoidance areas in the image below:


Because of these limitations when viewing the profile on different devices, here are our recommendations for an optimal Twitter header image: 1. Place your focus points slightly off to the left and/or right. Content placed in these areas will show up on all platforms. 2. Avoid placing key imagery and/or text in the center—it’ll be covered by the profile image for mobile and tablet users. 3. Avoid placing key imagery and/or text on the very top or bottom—these elements will not show up on the desktop version. By following these steps, you’ll be able to make a splash on Twitter no matter what device audiences are browsing your brand on.

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