Amazon Search Optimization
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Amazon Search Optimization

You’ve heard of SEO, SEM, HBO, QVC – okay, scratch the last two, but you see where we’re going with this. SEO and SEM are marketing strategies that are increasing in popularity each day. There is one three-lettered marketing strategy that is seemingly left by the wayside and that is ASO –  Amazon Search Optimization. When properly utilized, ASO can unlock immense brand success.

More than half of U.S. consumers start their search for an online product on Amazon, yet brands often overlook it as a powerful advertising tool. BCM’s team of digital media strategists are Amazon Search Optimization experts and create custom strategies to help brands harness the potential of the Amazon platform to increase sales and advance their business.

The Buzz Around Amazon Search Optimization

Amazon is a powerhouse in the e-commerce sector. Business Insider reported that the number of unique U.S. visitors to the Amazon app has tripled over the past 2 years. If you sell a product to consumers, those products need to be on Amazon. If you sell a product to consumers, those products need to be on Amazon. If you sell a product to consumers, those products need to be on Amazon. Repeating that three times for impact – properly implemented Amazon Search Optimization could generate a significant increase in online sales.

With more than 2 million sellers worldwide on Amazon, it is a highly competitive, complex platform. In fact, for every single product listed on Amazon, there are more than 700 data fields – all of which need to be optimized to ensure a product is as accessible and visible across search engines as possible.

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How Can BCM Help WITH ASO?

BCM is well-versed in navigating the complexities that exist within Amazon’s platforms which allows us to use our experience and expertise to drive sales and business growth for clients. We can help you reach your e-commerce goals on Amazon with efficiency, transparency and creativity. Whether you’re an experienced, established brand on Amazon or entirely brand new to e-commerce, our integrated approach is designed to help grow your brand across several fronts:

  • Increase your Amazon Product Visibility, leveraging paid, organic and creative considerations
  • Drive additional qualified traffic to your Amazon content through integrated off-site campaigns
  • Positively impact conversion rates by viewing your customers holistically across the conversion funnel
  • Leverage Amazon’s immense amount of data to better inform marketing initiatives and audience targeting

At BCM, our team of digital creatives, strategists and analysts work to develop a custom Amazon marketing strategy that drives results for your business. Our analysts have a keen understanding of Amazon’s unique A9 search algorithm, enabling us to strengthen your brand’s position on Amazon by combining organic best practices with paid digital savviness. Using industry-leading tools tailored specifically for Amazon Search Optimization analysis, BCM designs, implements, monitors and optimizes a digital strategy for your Amazon Search Campaign.

ASO services include:

Organic Optimization

  • Keyword research using Amazon-specific tools
  • Using keyword research to inform creation and optimization of all brand copy across channels
  • Leveraging SEO principles to drive qualified traffic to Amazon products through traditional organic search channels

Paid Campaign Management

  • Creative design and optimization of Campaign Landing Page(s)

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

  • Optimizing branding and product search campaigns within Amazon

Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)

  • Managing targeted advertising across the vast AAP advertising partnerships

Amazon-Owned Platforms:

  • Developing integrated digital strategies targeting paid campaigns across other Amazon properties, ensuring your brand is in front of the right customers at the right times (FireTV, Kindle, Fire Tablet, etc.)

Amazon Brand Management

  • Rating and review management
  • CRM process development designed to mitigate negative customer views
  • Brand page management, including creative and vertical search optimization considerations

Competitive Analysis and Monitoring

  • Third Party Reseller Monitoring
  • Competitive keyword analysis
  • Paid search competitive strategy

Our Amazon Marketing experts at BCM are ready and waiting for all questions – whether it’s about ASO, SEO or SEM, we can help guide you along Amazon’s long, winding road and drive sales for your brand.

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