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Entrepreneur Recognizes BCM as One of America’s Best Entrepreneurial Companies

entrepreneur360-red-web-500x500Beeby Clark+Meyler has been named as one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by  Entrepreneur magazine’s Entrepreneur360™ Performance Index, a study delivering an analysis of about 10,000 private companies in America. Based on this study, BCM has been recognized as a company that exemplifies growth, not just in top and bottom line, but in sustainability and ability to achieve lasting success.

“Those honored have identified a problem, come up with a unique solution, and bravely built their enterprises around it,” says Ryan Shea, president of Entrepreneur Media. “They’ve accomplished new ways of producing sustainable growth and are an inspiration to others who want to fulfill their own entrepreneurial goals.”

BCM has been named to the category of “Best Practicers,” which, according to Entrepreneur, are the companies that “set high-growth targets and are confident of hitting them. They are employee champions, staying highly attuned to staff needs and input and promoting more agile, decentralized decision-making, as well as innovative and proactive action. …They’re able to time their expansions well, and they keep up with changing customer needs and potentially disruptive technologies.” Adds Shea: [These are] “the kinds of companies that execute on everything you read about in management textbooks, from meeting aggressive growth targets to taking appropriate risk to attracting the best employees. They would be voted Most Likely to Succeed in high school. Their competitors are jealous of their good looks.”

Indeed, BCM’s growth has stemmed from a commitment to constantly innovate to keep up with changing consumer media consumption habits and use media in innovative ways for world-class brands. Our company culture reflects this innovative and collaborative spirit, earning our two office locations (Stamford, CT and New York City) honors on both Crain’s Best Places to Work in New York list, and the Hartford Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in Connecticut.

“The companies identified in the E360 Index are sustained growers, and based on our research, have proven adept at navigating the changing challenges of their marketplace to win new business and grow their output capacity year after year,” says Gary Kunkle, senior research fellow at the Business Dynamics Research Consortium and research partner of the E360 Performance Index.

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