Campaign Data and Reporting TransparencyBCM is in the business of results – and when it comes to results, data is the alpha and the omega.


We use data to inform everything we do, from creative and media strategies to customer segmentation, bid price optimization, fraud detection, analytics, and online-offline tracking.


We have helped some of the world’s finest companies in travel, financial services, fashion, retail, ecommerce, personal care and CPG, reorganize their marketing in preparation for a data-driven future.

Our Data Services Include:
Digital Transformation

We use data to inform a holistic and realistic picture of your marketing landscape. ­­­­­­­We map it to your marketing goals and opportunities. Then, we enable you to evolve and transform on budget.

Consumer Insights, Segmentation, And Market Research

BCM is an Oracle Gold Partner. We are experts at leveraging traiditonal and emerging forms of consumer research to pursue insights about your customers, your competitors, and trends in your vertical, to put you at a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

Data Partnerships

We have been known to get creative with our data partnerships, using things like 2nd party targeting; “renting” troves of highly precise data from media properties to target our client’s customers without using a data aggregator middleman. Does your agency do stuff like that?

Analytics And Reporting

Data is of limited use to clients if it isn’t made actionable and intelligible. We don’t simply “report the news,” we make key observations and recommendations that will improve your results moving forward. And we share it with you on an easy-to-use portal you can access any time.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner

BCM is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner helping clients to deliver highly effective personalized customer engagement at scale. Learn More

Explore More Capabilities
Creative design and development

This is where data, media and strategic insights, and the best practices of an entire agency magically crystalize into consumer-facing content.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

We are experts at discovering and extracting value from digital media on behalf of our clients.

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